FAQ on Education and Child sponsor ship project

Start Sponsoring a Child Today!
Your contribution of just $35 a month connects your child with a loving, rural community-based Child Sponsorship Program.
Your support provides:
• Food and clean water
• Medical care
• Educational opportunities
• Important life-skills training

Most important of all, your sponsored child will be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with other children, family members and communities around them. When you sponsor a child, you'll receive your child's photo, personal story and a child sponsorship packet by mail in approximately 15 days. When children find out they've been sponsored, the joy they feel is indescribable. Just knowing that someone across the globe cares means more than you can imagine. Sponsoring a child will profoundly change the future for your child, and will change your own life as well.

How Your Child Sponsorship Helps
A New Beginning
When you sponsor a child with COF-UGANDA, you change a child’s life — forever! Your support changes every aspect of your sponsored child’s life including their family. Children in COF-UGANDA program have the opportunity to thrive economically, socially and physically. COF-UGANDA is committed to helping children in desperate need grow into fulfilled, Ugandan citizens with potential to develop their own society and the world at large.
When you sponsor a child with COF-UGANDA, you help shatter the cycle of poverty. You change the world — one child at a time, along with your encouraging letters, will give your child hope and a new beginning.
What could be closer
You can release a child from poverty. More than 22,000 children younger than 5 die from poverty-related causes that often are preventable and treatable. You can help turn these numbers around. Your $35 monthly sponsorship helps provide your child with life-changing benefits that include:
• nutritious snacks or meals
• educational opportunities
• health and hygiene training
• medical checkups
Your life changes too.
You will be so blessed over the years as you build a relationship with your child through letters, photos and prayers. And COF-UGANDA can even help you visit your child in his or her village. The relationship between a sponsor and a child is powerful and unique. You will be inspired and encouraged for years to come!

FAQ for child sponsorship programme
If I must discontinue my child sponsorship, what happens to the child I'm helping?
If you need to discontinue your child sponsorship, we will immediately look for a new sponsor for your child and continue the child's sponsorship support without interruption. You can discontinue your child sponsorship at any time.
What do I do if I am considering cancelling my sponsorship?
To inquire about cancelling your sponsorship, please call our contact centre at +256774772744. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 PM East African time. You may discontinue your sponsorship at any time.

How long should my child sponsorship last?
COF-UGANDA child sponsorship offers you the opportunity to stay with a child for a number of years; usually through the school year in which the child reaches the age of 18 years. While we hope that you will be able to continue in your support of your sponsored child until he or she completes the COF-UGANDA education program, we recognize that sponsors' circumstances sometimes change. You may discontinue your sponsorship at any time.

Please understand that a sponsored child's circumstances may change, too. For example, sometimes families move beyond the reach of COF-UGANDA program and children have to leave our sponsorship.
We will inform you as quickly as possible if any such circumstance affects the child you sponsor, and we will offer you the opportunity to support another child in need of your help.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child? If you choose to sponsor a child, the cost is only $35 per month.

Why does it cost more to sponsor a child through COF-UGANDA than similar child sponsorship organizations?
COF_UGANDA is a holistic development Community based organization that focuses on the full development of the community at a rural setting due to our presence there. Because of that, we release children from poverty, not merely sustain them through it. Many organizations focus on only one aspect of poverty and or development.
COF_UGANDA also recognizes that the children we serve have unique needs and unique gifts. Therefore, we work at the grassroots level to identify and meet the specific needs of Uganda’s poorest children through community partnership. In doing so, COF-UGANDA addresses the economic, social and physical aspects of poverty so that children may become responsible and active citizens in development. In addressing the many needs of children by partnering with the local community, COF-UGANDA also relies heavily on the relational aspect of sponsorship. We encourage sponsors to have a close relationship with their sponsored children through consistent correspondence and communication, as well as personal visits. This separates us from other organizations.

Will I be the only person sponsoring the child I'm helping?
Yes. The child you're helping has just one sponsor: you. That's why your prayers, letters and support mean so much to your sponsored child. Even if you choose to sponsor a child as a family or a group (for example, a youth group), the child you help will still be relating to your family or group as his or her only sponsor. No other group or individual will also sponsor the child you help.

What specific benefits will the child I sponsor receive?
The child you sponsor through COF-UGANDA will receive opportunities and services that most of the poorest children will simply never see. These opportunities and services include the following:
iii. The opportunity to receive an education:
This is the core or our sponsorship programme. In some cases, this means providing the cost of school fees, clothing and supplies. In other cases, it means providing tutoring, help with homework, encouragement and, if necessary, participation in a literacy program outside the classroom. Your sponsorship will allow one special child to stay in school longer if formal schooling is an option and get the most out of his or her education.

iv. The opportunity to be healthy:
The health of the child you sponsor will be monitored and care will be provided as needed. Children are taught about hygiene and how to maintain personal health. In addition, and according to their needs, many COF_UGANDA sponsored children receive supplementary food. v. The opportunity to develop self-confidence and social skills including vocational and business skills development: The child you support will be part of a community-based program where elders, leaders and adults offer love, guidance, personal attention, guided recreation and safety.

Must I hold and practice specific Christian beliefs to sponsor a child through COF-UGANDA?
COF-UGANDA does not set criteria for child sponsorship. We do not require you to sign a statement of faith or a statement regarding your religious beliefs and practices. We do, however, seek sponsors who are aligned with humanitarian and sympathy to the vulnerable people. COF-UGANDA is a community based organization dedicated to the holistic development of children out of poverty. We carry out our programs by partnering with local community members in consultation with non government organizations who share our vision for community driven development to create a society with equal opportunities.

As a sponsor, how else can I learn about the child I am helping?
In addition to letters from your sponsored child, COF-UGANDA will send you periodic updates about the child's progress and newsletters about situations in your child's country that affect child development and our programme. You'll have a better understanding of your sponsored child's culture and life. It's quite likely that your vision will expand. You may even decide to visit your child on a tour. It's an unforgettable experience.

Will my child write to me?
Your child will write to you at least twice a year -- and up to six times per year depending on the frequency of your letters. A teacher or staff person will help children who have yet to learn how to read and write.
As you share your own family and personal concerns with the child you support, you'll probably discover that he or she is consistently praying for you. As your exchange of letters with the child you sponsor grows over the years, you can build a scrapbook of letters and photos from your child. Your scrapbook will serve as a constant reminder of the relationship you've developed with the child you're helping and of how you've contributed to his or her growth.
You will also be receiving annual correspondence from local leaders, such as a church pastor or staff member, to help you learn even more about your sponsored child.

Is there anything I cannot send to my sponsored child?
As a sponsor, you have many opportunities to communicate with the child you sponsor and we encourage you to do so. When you communicate with him or her, however, we ask you to provide comments and materials consistent with good moral values and philosophies. We will not forward photographs and other materials depicting activities that:
vi. Might be considered inappropriate in another culture.
vii. Promote lifestyle choices that we view as unhealthy and inconsistent or inappropriate for sponsored children.
viii. Might threaten the safety of the sponsored children in any way.
For example, we will not forward materials that depict or describe the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, unlawful drugs and materials or activities that we regard as dangerous or unsafe. We will not forward materials or communications that advocate another religious worldview. In addition, we will not forward materials depicting persons dressed in immodest clothing or engaging in activities inconsistent with human values and beliefs.

May I send gifts to my child?
Yes. COF-UGANDA encourages sponsors to give additional monetary gifts to their sponsored children for special occasions, to address specific needs, or simply as an act of love. These gifts are another effective way for you to reinforce your care and commitment to your child.
One hundred percent of all individual child gift amounts go to that child. Local child development centre workers purchase gifts on behalf of our sponsors and make certain that these funds are used appropriately. As a guideline, we ask that sponsors keep these contributions between $10 and $100 for each child and limit their gift giving to twice a year.
You may also send a gift to your sponsored child's family. With your monetary gift of $25 to $1,000 (with a $1,000 maximum per year), the child development centre staff will buy items your child's family needs, such as new beds, livestock and food supplies. We will work closely with the family to determine the greatest need and then purchase items accordingly. One hundred percent of all family gift amounts go to that child's family.

In which countries do you work? WE work in Uganda, currently in Teso sub region.

How does COF-UGANDA ensure that my support actually benefits the child I sponsor?
COF-UGANDA works exclusively through local communities, partners and local governments to assist children. Because child development centres tend to average about 150 children, the local staff can become personally acquainted with each sponsored child and his or her unique needs. Sponsorship support for all of the children in a centre is combined and managed to provide a wide range of developmental activities and opportunities.
COF-UGANDA conducts audits regularly to make sure funds are properly received, tracked and managed. Every financial process from local field child development centres is regularly audited both internally and externally.
But it's not enough to ensure that funds are reaching your child's local child development centre and being spent on planned activities. Like you, we want to be sure that real development is taking place in the life of every sponsored child. COF-UGANDA works hard to monitor and evaluate each local centre in terms of program effectiveness and long-term impact — right down to the individual child. Any time we see an irregularity, we take immediate and appropriate action.

Can I see a copy of COF-UGANDA most recent audited financial statement?
Yes. COF-UGANDA is audited each year by an independent accounting firm. We publish this report in its entirety and make it available to anyone at any time. Accountability is a commitment and a value that drives our whole organization. We are totally committed to earning and keeping your trust.
If you have any questions about financial issues, please contact us on email; cofuganda@gmail.com or call +256774772744. Our Sponsor Relations representatives will gladly respond to any questions you might have.

Are my contributions to COF-UGANDA, including my sponsorship support and gifts, tax-deductible?
Yes. All contributions to COF-UGANDA are tax-deductible in Uganda. As a requirement of the Revenue collection Act, we verify that no goods or services of value are given to you for your contribution.

What percentages of expenditures are spent on program activities?
Throughout, COF-UGANDA consistently averages more than 80 percent of total expenditures being used for program activities, with less than 20 percent being used for fundraising and administration.
We use conservative accounting methods that do not inflate our effectiveness in this regard.

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