Health promotion, hygiene and sanitation

Community Focus Uganda is engaged in hygiene promotion sessions with the community members, creating awareness on communicable diseases, HIV prevention and awareness rising, proposing preventative measures including creating awareness on cancer. Under hygiene and sanitation, Community Focus Uganda is engaged in village to village campaign meetings promoting SAFE waste management and disposal, SAFE water chain management through establishing and training water user committees using PHAST methodology among others in Amuria, Soroti town and Ngora town Council. Community Focus Uganda also works to identify potential partnerships with existing international and non government organizations operating in the project areas.

Activities Conducted and achievements.
• Community sensitization on good hygiene and sanitation practices including safe disposal of wastes.
• General hygiene and sanitation activities involving cleanliness sessions with community members in Soroti and Ngora towns
• Home visits to support household good hygiene practices involving opening up of drainage channels for waste water, blockage sewage systems that interfere with normal flow of water along water channels.

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