Community Focus-Uganda (COF-UGANDA) is not for profit grass root organization initiated in May 2012. The organization was formally incorporated and registered to operate in Uganda as Not for Profit Company limited by guarantee (without share capital) in August 2012. COF-UGANDA works to contribute towards community driven approach for sustainable development through four (4) main interventions namely; Education, Food Security and Agricultural Livelihoods, Health and Nutrition and HIV/AIDS. COF-UGANDA also conducts Human Rights awareness campaigns and promotion and advocacy.

To achieve these core objectives, COF-UGANDA works very closely with the community at grass roots in collaboration with the government at different levels (local and national levels) and international or national non-governmental and community based organizations sharing the vision for humanity in Uganda or elsewhere in the world. COF-UGANDA recruits membership virtually around the community it works especially members who share the vision of peaceful co-existence.

The strategy to realize our mission lies in community involvement during problem identification, planning, implementation and program evaluation process. COF-UGANDA believes that to change community attitudes and strengthen their skills and knowledge, there is need to take into account their potential and involvement to become a just, enlightened, healthy and democratic community free from hunger, disease, poverty, and other forms of exploitation based on age, sex, religion, asset ownership and ethnicity. COF-UGANDA also engages in advocacy programmes relevant to its expertise in liaison with other experienced organizations.

Vision: A society with equal opportunities

Mission: To contribute towards community driven approach for sustainable development.

Goal: To enable vulnerable communities build resilience and take charge of their own development.

Why community focus Uganda was founded
Over years in the recent and past, Teso has gone through a range of turmoil that has virtually eroded people’s livelihoods and their coping mechanisms. The disasters range from the early Teso people’s Army War in the early 1980’s and 1990’s, the long term Karimojong cattle rustling, and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels’ invasions of 2003 forced the people to internally displaced person’s camps. On the other hand, calamities such as the drought of 2006, the floods of 2007 and recurrent droughts and water logging have continued meddle people’s way of life, with little done to reverse the situations. Many parts of Teso Region are low lying and that they easily get flooded with torrential rains but also get baked with intermittent short dry spells. The climatic changes have greatly affected production of the area and caused food insecurity in many households. A few NGOs have therefore come up with food security programs to support the population manage to cope up. However, most programmes only come on-short term basis with no long-term engagement in developing capacities of the communities to sustain and manage disasters to guarantee food and livelihood. Community Focus Uganda, being locally founded came in to strengthen people’s capacities to be resilient with respect to existing Development Plans to complement the Government efforts in agricultural production by looking at new technological developments in the market, build capacities of communities to aggressively engage in their own development, cause awareness on key issues affecting human life not excluding education by building a knowledge base, skills development so that they can proactively respond to health concerns, prevent disease outbreak while developing rapid growing business enterprises n the long run. Our key strength in attaining this broad longer term goal rests upon strong community support and commitment to lead their own development.

Our staffs come from within the communities and villages that we target; their capacities are strengthened through alternate shift and visits between successful projects and communities to build confidence. This has enabled community focus Uganda to easily manage small micro projects with no funders, but relying on its own knowledge base and meagre contributions from own founders and members of the community. We strongly believe that any external donations be it in kind or cash will only supplement our efforts to attaining own community growth and development.

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