In rural communities, many children especially girls have not enjoyed the right to attaining up to date basic education despite the existence of Universal Primary and Secondary Education in Uganda. Many children are unable to go to school; largely because of prevailing unfavourable conditions like high poverty rates, armed conflict, societal cultural attitudes and related shackles of tradition that are highly affecting children especially girls. For instance, intractable cultural attitudes that girls are supposed to be homemakers, people to be married off for wealth and produce children are some of the hindrances.

The Children’s Right to Education is provided for under the Child Rights Convention; article 28 particularly states that, state parties shall in particular, Make primary education compulsory and available free of charge to all; and therefore take measures to encourage regular attendance at schools and ensure the reduction in drop-out rates. Also understanding the fact that political interplay with other factors at hand (such as illiteracy levels of parents) limits the ability of parents and the locals to understand the basic rights to education for every Uganda child.

Rural communities when compared to urban areas in Uganda have much more difficulties in accessing good quality education and as such children in such remote locations still have less educational opportunities than those in the other parts of the country. The Government support and funding to public education facilities and institutions particularly in rural areas is yet to reach adequate levels for both boys and girls.

On the other hand, the development of vocational skills for entrepreneurship and business development is far below reach across many parts of the country and Teso grossly suffers the consequence of this underdeveloped vocational education programmes given the limited number of institutions providing affordable vocational skills programmes. Although there are upcoming business and technical colleges (BTVET colleges) that are slowly rendering some of the vocational and technical education, the capacity to enrol for many of the youth and young boys or girls is far below reach. Community Focus Uganda looks for opportunities that place young men, boys and girls in positions to acquire life skills and entrepreneurship development besides promoting formal education for school going children and other young boys and girls.

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