Kitchen Gardening

Realising the challenges poverty and inability to afford a good meal, each day community focus Uganda found kitchen gardening as an entry point to interact and support community production and market initiatives. Since January 2013, Community Focus Uganda targeted and supported 30 households in vegetable gardening purposely for household consumption and sale so that household heads can find additional income to purchase other household items and additional foods. Being a fast developing town, Soroti has realized diversified cultures of people with different consumption habits, hence increasing consumption patterns. Whereas vegetables such as cabbage, onions, tomatoes, spinach, amaranths etc are highly consumed, most of the vegetables are imported from external markets. This project was brought to support local initiatives to support household consumption while supplying the local markets with locally produced food stuffs.

Key Activities:
• There have been great achievements in community entry, mobilization and sensitization on relevance of micro kitchen gardening with more 100% attendance in targeted villages.
• Mobilised communised have been formed into groups
• Provision of vegetable gardening inputs such us seeds and watering cans.
• Trainings in vegetable gardening conducted.
• Distribution of Gardening & savings inputs Actual Vegetable Gardening
• Monitoring and Supervision of activities
Key Achievements 1. 30 households comprising of 75% women and 25% men were ably mobilised to participate in vegetable gardening activities in Amen village in Soroti Sub County and Obabario Village in Ngora Sub County.
2. 3. 30 Households were supported with starter planting materials to facilitate kitchen gardening
4. 15 training sessions were ably delivered to 30 households including non beneficiaries by our volunteer staff in vegetable gardening covering major agronomic topics (Nursery bed preparation and management practices, Planting, transplanting, pest and disease management, weeding, watering and harvesting of vegetable crops, highlighting key post harvest handling practices.

• 100% of the communities sensitized have shown interest to participate in VSLA activities due to the advantages of bring cash near to the household, enabling them meet their immediate needs.
• Supported groups who were self mobilised; these groups were able to provide starter resources for their groups to commence savings activities; Community Focus Uganda only provided relevant training and mentorship in VSLA activities including motivation through community sensitizations and meetings to encourage sustenance of the activities.
• Local leadership support the innovation and express interest to further support and build on this experience to improve rural access to finance by the rural poor.

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