Nutrition Education and Cooking Demonstration sessions

Community Focus Uganda is popularizing its approach of creating awareness on good nutrition practices through community nutrition education sessions and sensitization of the communities. Despite the lack of funding to scale up its interventions, community Focus Uganda has never stopped participating in community education sessions promoting good cooking and feeding practices especially for children under 5 years of age who are at higher risk of malnutrition. The emphasis of this activity also emphasised on the care and management practices for children and adults living with HIV and AIDS. Community Focus Uganda in the near future has thought to start promoting the construction and use of energy saving stoves. Community Focus Uganda is now developing approaches on how to create comprehensive behaviour change communication and resilience approaches to tackling malnutrition and food insecurity. In our new approach to promoting good nutrition in the community, Community focus Uganda is looking to set up a mother to mother campaign approach to double message flow in areas that we cannot reach out easily due to resource constrain.

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