Board of Directors Aongat Cuthbert
Chairperson Board of Directors
Is responsible to Manage, lead, direct and shape the vision for Community Focus Uganda, in line with the established policies, principles and operating practices as well as good management practice and the social, cultural & economic environment of Uganda.

Ajwang Fatuma:
Is the deputy chairperson board of directors; she deputizes the chairperson and directly represents the organization in the absence of the director. She also leads fund mobilization for the the organization activities.

Elumu Peter
Is the head of programmers, he is responsible for programme development, representation with donors, government and other partners. Leads reporting, Project implementation, and alignment of activities to COF-UGANDA priorities.

Okello David Moses
Is responsible for keeping a full complete and up-dated record of the organization’s affairs, take and keep minutes of the board of directors and the Annual General Assembly; keeps up an up to-date register of the members, establishes and maintains contact with the organization membership, sends out notice of meetings, issue membership cards and maintain a record of the activities of the organization. He also plays a role of liaising with the public relations officer to mobilize members for meetings whenever called upon.

Our Staff:

Atim Kevin
Project Officer. Supports the role of project implementation

Opio Stephen
Finance and Administration Manager; Manages the finance resources of Community Focus Uganda, regulating according to the internal control systems and donor guidelines, manages reporting accountability and transparency in the system.

Ijede Christine
Administration and finance assistant> Supports the role of finance and administration manager.

Contact Us

P.O.BOX 549
Contact: +256774772744